Helen Noir

Emily Eckart

La JohnJoseph's A Generous Lover, one of The Scotsmans Top Ten Fringe Shows, 2018, is "a bravura piece that provocatively links insanity, fame, art, class, queerness and politics, asking what’s at stake in accepted divisions of the normal and the mad" (Ben Walters, the Scotsman)
Helen Noir’s "haunting soundscape" (Exeunt Magazine) of original music and sound design complemented her bespoke arrangements and production work on the show's musical numbers. 

The show features three distinct sound worlds. Descriptions of the locked mental ward are underscored with dark, sparse chords or manic strings referencing film soundtracks associated with peril (Vertigo, The Wizard of Oz). Persephone, a meld of Greek goddess and Catherine Hepburn, is represented by Xanadu-style heavenly winds, chimes and choirs.

The remaining music is new arrangements of existing songs such as Do You Know the Way to San Jose and All Delighted People.


ioannes SS18 A Thing to Wear collection was presented as an installation at the Palais de Tokyo September/October 2017. The soundtrack, written, performed & produced by Helen Noir, combined ethereal choirs, lo-fi noise and Bauhaus-style guitars.